Stuff I want to get done! Mostly computery stuff here, I’m not super motivated to write down the details for the more creative/artistic stuff I want to work on.


Amiga floppy to Vampire


The goal is to start with a physical floppy disk formatted for the Amiga and get it mounted on the Vampire V4 Standalone. By all accounts, the Vampire is an Amiga machine, but its adherence to modern connectivity standards (Ethernet, HDMI, USB, etc.) makes it difficult to access data stored on old formats.

This project really just boils down to: “Can I get my Greaseweazel to do the right thing?”

Color output for the Atari ST


The only video solution I have for my Atari 1040 STF is hi-res monochrome. This is fine for the majority of the work that I do on it (word processing) but there is no point in leaving the capabilities of this machine hamstrung. In particular, I would like to enjoy more games on this machine, and having a good quality, modern and colorful video solution would be welcome.

“mapleevent” program for NetBSD/dreamcast


The goal is to write a userland program for NetBSD/dreamcast that responds to events on the Maple Bus. This should let you run an arbitrary script when certain conditions are met. Imagine something similar to usbhidaction(1) but with a Dreamcast controller.

Wireless Atari ST


The NetUSBee works fine on my Atari, and I usually prefer Ethernet over Wi-Fi in general (less hassle from the computer’s point of view), but I really do wish I didn’t need this extra cable plugged into my router just to transfer files. It should be relatively straightforward to make a network bridge: a DHCP server on a small computer (say a Raspberry Pi) which will provide an IP address over Ethernet, but its default route just forwards everything to your home gateway.

You could think of this as an add-on for the NetUSBee.

Atari ST Printer Emulator


The goal is to make a device that plugs into the Atari ST printer port, and can be recognized by TOS as a printer for all intents and purposes, but it actually just spits out a PostScript or a PDF file which you can send to your actual printer.

This is tricky because very few ST programs actually grokked PostScript. I think what we need to do is to emulate a Diablo printer but translate the Diablo instructions to PostScript under the hood.

Release an album on compact cassette


The goal is to commercially release my new music on tape. This would be a “Azuaverian Greatest Hits” or else my collection of “classicalish” music, such as “Theme for Blades in the Dark” and “Splashing Point.”

Complete the “Redwall Without the Internet” challenge


The goal has been to collect all ~22 books in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques entirely in person. Bookstores, library sales, book swaps, whatever it takes – as long as it is not an online transaction. This challenge was intended to motivate myself to explore new places and take a few risks.

I currently have all but the last 4 or 5 books in the series (chronologically speaking). I legitimately have never seen a physical copy of The Sable Quean or The Rogue Crew ever in my life, and they’re proving very difficult to find in the usual places. They’re not out of print, just unpopular today.

Moonlight 5 on NetBSD


The goal is to upgrade games/moonlight-qt in pkgsrc to the latest version. Should be straightforward, but unfortunately my computers are currently in a state where it isn’t as easy as it ought to be.

Sunshine server on NetBSD


The goal is to add NetBSD support for the Sunshine streaming package. This will enable someone to graphically log into their remote NetBSD machine with a low-latency video stream, enabling a vastly superior experience over something like VNC or X-over-SSH.

CDE on NetBSD/sparc64


My Sun Blade 100 ought to have the latest version of NetBSD and the new improvements to CDE installed for the ultimate experience.

Get the VXA tape drive working


I have acquired the Exabyte VXA-2e external tape drive, with FireWire connectivity. Very cool! Unfortunately, I can’t get Galen to interact with it properly. Weird drivers, or maybe the drivers I actually need are lost to time. Maybe it will Just Work on NetBSD?